Shared Awareness

Within the current complex and dynamic world of safety and security, information is the key towards gaining insight and understanding of a situation. This is required in order to act in time, to make informed decisions and to position oneself to be proactive within the context of your current situation. A system should aid a user to make sense of an unknown situation by creating a mental model from sensor input and data collection (events, images, tracking, planning and conversations).


• Mobile event logging
• Mobile GPS tracking
• Offline mobile applications
• Mobile synchronisation
• Remote mobile services
(tracking, video, image capture)
• Remote wipe
• Instant messaging


• Entity tracking
• Resource management
• Notifications
• Real time analytics

Collaboration and Communication

• Instant messaging
• Video conferencing
• Planning
• Map synchronisation
• Map annotations
• Image and video sensors

Event Management

• Live event feed
• Event logging
• Event classification
• Live image feed
• Free text search


• Geographic overlays
• External service integration


• Authentication
• Data segregation
• Data security

The CSIR has devised an integrative collaborative distributed awareness system that provides a platform for collaboration between agencies in interdepartmental and multinational scenarios. This unique system also serves as an integration platform for diverse external services in the safety and security domain and fully exploits the geographic nature of events and entities and supports the latest collaboration trends from a connected world.
Cmore is designed to be versatile and can be used across various domains such as safety, security, event management, counter-poaching, maritime awareness, border management, joint operations, cooperation, coordination, policing conservation, protection and anti-crime

Interoperability and Integration

Cmore was created with the understanding that no single system can or should do everything. The approach towards solving current and future challenges includes a collaborative methodology as well as a joint understanding of the problems at hand. Thus, integration is a significant part of the Cmore platform. The idea is not to get multiple systems to talk to one another but for the data from these systems to be collated, structured and represented within an uncluttered clear contextual view. This collating and structuring of data for integration has the advantage of a common data model so that services and analysis can be done on a unified data set.


Collaboration means having a shared understanding and shared solution view on challenges. Cmore is a platform allowing different parties to converse in a common environment, as well as share information, resources and plans. Insight can be gained while the distributed platform facilitates collaboration from different sites over tactical operations and higher level activities. A cooperative sharing model ensures data security. A data and user grouping mechanism is used to control information dissemination. This model allows organisations and users to securely control their data and enables them to share and collaborate on selected data with other organisations and users within Cmore.
Notifications of events, tracking, comments, images and user activity can aid a user’s awareness of important information. Users within and across departments can collaborate using drag and drop planning, map annotations and freehand drawing. Real-time voice, video, text and map synchronisation give a user all the tools to collaborate and plan from various locations (network infrastructure required)

Real-Time Analytics

Real-world scenarios require perception, comprehension and prediction in order to completely understand a situation and make informed decisions. Cmore focuses on real-time analytics that enables the use of all data (in-time and historic) for dynamic analysis Additional, external services can also process all data within Cmore to provide richer analyses and predictions.

Analysis of Event Counts vs Moon Phases and Illumination Over Time